Shenzhen Sanray Technology Co.,Ltd
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Shenzhen Sanray Technology Co.,Ltd
2/F Folk Culture Industrial Park, Qunli Second Road, Baoan District  518000  shenzhen  guangdong - China.
Shenzhen Sanray Technology Co.,Ltd
  2/F Folk Culture Industrial Park, Qunli Second Road, Baoan District
518000  shenzhen
guangdong  China

  [email protected]

Shenzhen Sanray Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, manufacture and sales of top-quality UHF RFID products and active RFID products. We focus on the development and sales of UHF RFID modules, readers and tags, and 2.45GHz RFID readers, active tags, etc. We spare no efforts on the supply of RFID products with various functions and high reliability to our cooperation partners. Also we provide the clients in fields of libraries, financial units, mass production and logistics with comprehensive intelligentized solutions. Strong research, development, and innovation abilities have always been the driving source of our continuous growth and improvement. We have a great team of Research and Development, and gathered very professional, comprehensive and most talented technical engineers, covering the fields of computer hardware, software development, engineering electronics, mechanical automation and other related fields, which guaranteed our strong independent R&D capabilities. With excellent R&D abilities, we have obtained multiple RFID core technologies and actively developed innovative products. Till now, we have possessed three major series of products: Sanray UHF RFID products, Sanray intelligent library RFID products and Sanray 2.45GHz RFID products. We take the lead to adopt IMPINJ R2000 chip and have developed UHF RFID modules and 4-port UHF RFID fixed readers. The functions and quality top the rest of UHF RFID products in China already. Your satisfaction and great success is our highest target. Based on the concept of "Reward to the clients, reward to our staff and reward to the society", we emphasize most on the guideline of "quality and technology as the core, innovation as the driving force". We shall spare no efforts to keep improving, supply clients with more superior products and services, and create higher value for customers, in order to push the development of the world IOT industry and do certain contribution to the intelligent world!

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Shenzhen Sanray Technology Co.,Ltd
2/F Folk Culture Industrial Park, Qunli Second Road, Baoan District 518000 shenzhen  guangdong ,China
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